Throughout my career I have enjoy doing consulting work and have worked in a range of fields, including:

  • Industrial Design
  • Custom Furniture Design and Woodworking
  • Digital Fabrication Related Computer Programming
  • Art Installations

Whether you are just in the “idea” stages, need a few hours of help to bring a project to a close, or have something more involved, I can help.

My availability varies depending on my current projects, but I welcome your inquiries. Please contact me for more information.
Further description of past projects follow:

Custom Furniture Design: I have designed and constructed small items like lamps and sculpture bases, and larger items like custom beds and tables. I have also been hired to make more practical/functional projects like school cubbies and reception desks. I have expertise in wood, metal, plastics and ceramics.

Art Installations: I have helped artists and designers with projects that have appeared at private gallery shows, the UMMA, and ArtPrize. I’ve also created stands and armatures for sculptors as well as stands for sculptures and awards.

Digital Fabrication Related Computer Programming: I wrote the triangulation and layout code for Taubman College Dean Ponce de Leon’s “Photoformance” installation; I wrote the python surfacing code for Maciej Kaczynski’s and Wes McGee’s Research Through Making “ReVault” project, and developed a graphical user interface for controlling Kuka robot for Wes McGee and Dave Pirgim’s Super Matter Tools.

Toolpath Programming for CNC: I have worked with clients to CNC cut their designs on 3-axis and 5-axis CNC equipment.





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