I’m an educator, designer, woodworker, and 3D software specialist who does consulting and teaching in the areas of industrial design, digital fabrication, 3D Modeling, CNC programming, and robotics.  I undertake design and fabrication work that applies my knowledge of computational geometry to production and craftsmanship. I lecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

3D Background

I started my career in architecture, but after a few years in the field I transitioned into 3D animation software development. I joined the team that developed 3ds max, still one of the best-selling and ground-breaking 3D products available. I wrote the documentation and some sample code for the Software Developers Kit which gave me a broad understanding of 3D computer graphics programming. I have worked on numerous product visualization projects, including 3D modeling of architectural projects and forensic animation used in litigation. I have also taught 3D modeling and animation at the University of Michigan.

Furniture Design and Woodworking

Between animation projects, I began to pursue my interest in woodworking.  This has led to fulfilling work as a furniture designer and woodworker, using power and hand tools to build the pieces I design with the help of 3D software. I have accepted numerous commissions for personal and commercial projects. While I have primarily focused on furniture, I have also created shop fixtures and hand tools for my own use, and designed layouts for bookcases and cabinetry. I have supplemented my knowledge with instruction and workshops at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Joe Leonard’s Custom Woodcarving, and Lie-Nielson Toolworks.

Digital Fabrication and Digital Technologies

I have a particular interest in the ways that digital programming and computer driven tools permit the design and realization of complex curvature in industrial design.


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